Developing Music at MGS

Forwarded from an email from the Head:

In recent years Music at MGS has been developing through the restarting of student band evenings, school musicals and the new initiative of extended learning week. There are more students participating in music on a regular basis and we wish to develop this further. In the last year we have raised £800 in addition to the normal school budget which we have spent on purchasing more instruments to help cover the extra demand from the students. We are now sending more students to university to study music based courses and the feedback of how MGS has prepared them for these courses has been very positive but we want to make it better. We have a few aims over the next couple of years:
1) To develop a loan system of instruments to encourage our students to take up an instrument.
2) To deliver more opportunities for students to play live at school and on the local music scene.
3) To prepare students better for university courses based on music.
4) To improve the quality of production put on at the school to make them more professional.

As Old Maidstonians we would like to ask for your support. If you have any unwanted live performance/recording equipment (amps, microphones, PA Systems lights etc.) or musical instruments (both classical and modern) we would like to ask if you would be prepared to donate them to the school so that we can inspire the next generation of Maidstonians to take up music. Alternatively we would gratefully accept donations to help us with our aims. If you would like to know more please email me on

Added by the OM Secretary:
One of the objectives is stated as being delivering more opportunities for students to play live at the school. All these live performances will be promulgated to the membership. Whilst I appreciate that it is often difficult to find the time to attend, the presence of members of the OMS undoubtedly provides encouragement to those performing.

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