Charlie Bogg – 1976?

(First posted on previous site on 17/04/11)

The following was in the Downs Mail in March 2011:

A tribute to Charlie Bogg (53) was read out by Maidstone mayor, Eric Hotson at the full council meeting in February. He died of a heart attack the previous month. He joined the council in May 2004 and worked on the IT helpdesk, and then as information management officer in IT services where he was an influential member of the team. He went to Maidstone Grammar School before starting work as an apprentice car mechanis at Dutton Forshaw. Motorbikes were always his passion and he spent a few years in that line of work.

In 1995 he decided he wanted to get into computers though he knew nothing about them. So he read a book on databases and was taken on as a support engineer at Microsoft where he eventually became a team leader. There, he met Chris Woodward, who knows works at Maidstone Council and who later persuaded Charlie to apply for a job. A colleague said “ Charlie had an amazing capacity for learning. It was just not his ability to take in technical detail but his willingness to learn”.

In his spare time Charlie renovated boats, restored bikes, did parachute jumps and enjoyed a drink at his local, The Bell, in Bearsted. He also took part in online gaming, most recently at World of WarCraft using his online name Skitz. His colleague added “we will all remember him for his larger than life character, his capacity for friendship, but most of all his innate cheerfulness and great sense of humour”. Charlie leaves his Mum Dorothy, his grown up children Sam and Sara Jane, and his many friends.

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