2 thoughts on ““The Old Maidstonian” (OM Newsletter Autumn 2014, No. 15)

  1. Dear Brian and Peter

    Thank you for the Autumn 2014 edition of the ‘Old Maidstonian’, which I have skim-read with interest, and look forward to reading in detail.
    However, I offer a couple of immediate comments (not for publication!)

    A few years ago my computer was hacked into, and as a result everyone on my address list was informed that my family and I had been kidnapped while on holiday in Spain, and would only be released on payment of a substantial ransom! Only one person was (fortunately temporarily, and without financial consequences) taken in, but I was very pleased that the first indication I had that it had happened was an email from one of my MGS contemporaries, saying that he was sure an Old Maidstonian would not have made the mistakes of spelling and grammar that identified the message as a spoof.

    Having failed to spot my own quota of errors as editor of my church newsletter, I sympathise with whoever devised the heading on the page 1 notice of Terry Shambler’s death – a ‘tradegy’ in every sense of the word. Mistakes creep into the best publications – and ‘The Old Maidstonian’ is not exempt.

    While on the subject, I have been meaning to find an opportunity to alert you to another typo that has so far escaped notice. On page 23 it is said that Beta Phillips’ history of the school was produced in the ‘quarter centenary year’! Having celebrated three quarter centenaries of my own, I am very conscious of the passage of time, and of the difference between a quarter centenary and a quatercentenary.

    However you choose to recognise and admit to the ‘tradgic’ mistake, it would be reassuring to see the wording of the GBP book advert corrected in future!

    With all good wishes
    Bob Wood (MGS 1948-56

  2. Dear Bob,

    You are eagle-eyed indeed! Many thanks for pointing out two typos in “The Old Maidstonian”. The first is a tragedy indeed, and one for which I have to admit responsibility. I wrote the headline and I missed the error in spite of numerous checks. It is particularly unfortunate in view of the seriousness of the article. The second has been going for several editions and no one else has noticed it apparently. I attach an unsullied copy of The Old Maidstonian, with corrections for both errors.

    Just to get my own back, may I point out that the correct name of the newsletter is now “¬≠The Old Maidstonian”?

    I am copying this to Brian for information, to Graham in case he needs to send it out to anyone else, and Malcolm so that he can put a corrected copy on the website.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Weaver, Co-editor (now under notice!)

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