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  1. Dear Webmaster,

    The recent OMS Newsletter asks for details of past OM Presidents. Five members of the Clifford family, from 4 generations spanning 115 years, have occupied the office. The first was my great-grandfather, James Clifford in 1895. He was head of the family business of spinners and weavers based in Bank Street in the town centre. He was also active in local politics as a Conservative alderman for many years. His eldest son, James, who was a governor of the school, became President in 1926, followed by his younger brother, William in 1931. William had played cricket for the 1st XI. He had a distinguished career in the First World War, winning the MC. In 1951 my father, Ted, who was later Deputy Chairman of the Maidstone Bench of Magistrates, was appointed at the age of 29 (has there been anyone younger to hold the office?). I was then President in 2010.
    Incidentally, I am impressed by the number of members of staff who have been President (I have counted at least 10) which says a lot about the relationship between the Common Room and the alumni and the ties of loyalty that MGS has forged over the years.

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