One thought on “OM Newsletter Spring 2014, no. 13

  1. Really from Michael Moore (1946-54) to the Membership secretary:

    Dear Graham,

    Thank you for the latest Newsletter, full of interest as always. What industry, to research all those records of the war-dead….

    As others will no doubt tell you, the initials of Mr Matthews who taught chemistry in the 40s, were HB. I have checked them in a contemporary Journal. (Incidentally I have a mint copy of The Maidstonian of December 1946, which may be of interest to somebody some time.) Mr Matthews had one or two rather uncomplimentary nicknames, but he was a fine disciplinarian, as my IV or UIV class had cause to remember. I believe he did lose a son in the war. Whether this was JB I do not know.

    Colin Robbins of the scout carts is the brother of my late brother-in-law. Brian, who was at the School a couple of years later. His son David was there too in the 80s, as was my late brother Philip in the 50s. My mother taught some VI form science at MGS in the early 60s. Quite a family connexion!

    On the music appeal: I have a Hammond organ here and a Yamaha keyboard, which I play regularly if rudimentarily. Both are almost as new and probably still worth some hundreds together. I shall be happy to donate them to the School when I can no longer play them, if the School is able to come and collect them.

    [personal point omitted by MM] As you are auctioning the number of languages people know, I may contribute that I have Bibles in over 40, all of which I read from time to time. Not the same as speaking them, of course!
    Best wishes – Michael Moore (’46 – ’54).

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