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  1. Living and working in Central London, I would assume that the likelihood of being able to meet regularly enough to make this work would only suit recent pupils of MGS, living near London.

    If you feel that this would be useful, I would be very happy to provide mentoring. I am already a member of STEMNET and have been a mentor through the IET and at work for a number of years.

  2. The Mentor Scheme can embrace all forms of communication. Personal contact by local OMs is obviously useful, but email contact from afar can also be a way of passing on your experience and advice.

  3. Old Maidstonian 1981-1986
    Career in financial services including a Director of US conglomerate GE.
    Successful entrepreneur , would be happy to help mentor and support the school.

  4. I have already completed a form to say I am willing to mentor if asked. I am an Officer in the Army and currently based in London – happy to advise on all aspects of the military.

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