Funding required for rowing at MGS

From the Headmaster, Mark Tomkins

Since July 2012 MGS has been affiliated to British Rowing. This means that the school is categorised as a rowing school and can compete at rowing competitions as MGS. We have already had a number of successes at Sudbury Regatta in August and at the Maidstone Head in October. A growing number of students attend training on a Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, but what we really need now are boats. The Judd School, where I used to work, are selling their rowing boats. Since I left, the sport has been in decline and they have made the decision to wind the rowing club down. I have been in consultation with them over the last few months and they have agreed to sell all of the equipment to MGS at a cost of £4000. This includes 7 boats, numerous blades/oars, a rack (which racks four of the boats), cox box and life jacket.

In order to take over the ownership of the boats I am in the process of raising the funds from private donators. Currently I have raised just under £3000 from parents of students who row. This is a fantastic amount and I am immensely grateful for their generosity. I am now asking any Old Maidstonians to see if they would like to make a donation which takes us a lot closer to the target of £4000. A number of the current students who row will become OMs next year and they are keen to return and row as an OM/Alumni squad. Some OMs who left before I arrived, and who I know through my own rowing club, are also keen for MGS to develop the sport.

If you are interested then please email me directly on

I really hope that with the purchase of these boats MGS can develop as a recognised rowing school and encourage more students to enjoy the sport as much as I do.

Many thanks.

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  1. News from the Head, and a follow up:

    Thank you very much for the very kind donations you have made towards the purchase of some rowing boats to help the development of MGS rowing. I have been overwhelmed by the response and wish to express my appreciation for your generosity. On the back of this, can I draw your attention to a 24 hour indoor row that we are doing in school next week to raise money for Sport Relief. I am being joined by a group of students who will row continuously for 24 hours starting at 11am on Thursday 20 March. If you would like to sponsor this event, please click on the following website: and follow the instructions. We have set ourselves a target of £1000 and on writing this e-mail have reached £600 already.
    Many thanks in anticipation of your support.
    M Tomkins

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