Membership of the Old Maidstonian Society is free and open to all ex-students and staff of Maidstone Grammar School and to Governors and members of the Maidstone Grammar School Parents Association Committee. The Society publishes a Newsletter, the “Old Maidstonian” three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, and a Membership Register (in PDF format) once a year. The Newsletters and Membership Register are forwarded to members by e-mail, or by post if a printed copy has been specifically requested (and the costs covered).

If you are an Old Maidstonian and are not a member of the Society but would like to join, click this button to use our online membership form. Alternatively, please download and then complete the Membership Application Form and forward it to the address provided or e-mail it to If you join you will receive all future copies of the Society’s newsletter the “Old Maidstonian” free of charge. We would appreciate it if you would please include a telephone contact number in order that we can more easily put members in contact with each other. If you wish to contact old friends then we can supply a list of names of all those who left the school in the same year.

Privacy policy

In view of the numerous requests from members to establish contact with another, and the lengthy process involved in communicating first with one member and then the other, from January 1st 2013 we adopted the policy that a member’s contact details will be released upon request to another member without seeking the first member’s permission, unless that member has specifically requested their contact details to be withheld. Members’ contact details will be released to another member wishing to establish contact.
Data will not be released to any other person or organisation. A fuller statement of the Society’s data protection policy can be found at this link (click here).