Committee Members & Roles

President: Graham Walker (Staff 1981-2018)
Chairman: John Clayton (1961-68) 01622 691151
Vice-Chairman: Robbie Ferguson (1994-2001, now Staff) (also ex-officio as Deputy Head)
Secretary: Richard Ratcliffe (1956-64; Past President 1988-89 and 2015-16) 01622 682119
Membership Secretary: Sean Scurr (1997-2004)
Treasurer Graham Walker, current President (see above)
President Elect To be announced
Immediate Past-President: Nancy Powell (née Turrell) (1993-1995). [Also co-editor, The Old Maidstonian].


Co-webmasters: Alec Clews (1978-80)
(Prof.) Malcolm MacCallum (1957-63; Past President 2008-9)
Co-editors, The Old Maidstonian: Brian White (1962-69) 01622 756660 or 07828 925609, or write to 26 Little Buckland Avenue, Allington, Maidstone ME16 0BG
Nancy Powell, Immediate Past President (see above)
Social Media: Samuel Coppard (2005-12, Past President 2017-18)

Events and School Support

Events Coordinator: John Clayton (also Chairman; see above)
Sports: Ron McCormick (Staff to 2004; Past President 2013-14)
Trust Fund Administration: Gardner Crawley (1955-62; Past President, 2014-15) 01233 850145
GPDR Compliance Audit: Gardner Crawley and Malcolm MacCallum (see above)

Without Portfolio

Chris Hipkins (1961-69)
Neil Turrell (Staff, Headmaster 1992-2009, Past President 2016-17) 01732 301722


Headmaster: Mark Tomkins

Corresponding member

Legal Affairs: Tony Bishop (1955-62; Past President 2001-2)

The School Captain and Vice-Captain are also invited to attend meetings. They can be contacted via the School, e.g. by sending email to

The Trustees of the Trust Fund are John Clayton, Gardner Crawley, Richard Ratcliffe and Graham Walker. The Secretary acts as the Trust’s secretary.