The Old Maidstonian Society is an entirely voluntary body of past students and staff. Membership is open to any former student or member of staff and is free: for details see the Membership page.

The Society is governed primarily by its Annual General Meeting, which is chaired by the President. The AGM is held on the same evening as the Annual Supper (which is now held during the Easter university break whenever possible, and normally on the last Friday of March) and precedes it. For AGM minutes and other documents see the “AGM minutes” category. Between AGMs the Committee runs the Society. For the full rules see the Society Rules page.

The President-Elect is proposed annually by the Committee and confirmed by the AGM. He or she serves for one year commencing a year later at the Annual Supper. For a table of the current and past President(s) click on the following link: Presidents of the Old Maidstonian Society

The AGM elects the Committeee and the Chairman is elected annually from among their number by the Committee (in practice, the Chairman serves until he or she wishes to stand down). The remainder of the positions are voluntary.

Membership of the Committee is open to any former student or member of staff. If you wish to consider joining the Committee then please e-mail detailing what contribution you would like to make.

For a list of current Committeee members and their duties see the Committee Members & Roles page.