MGS Careers evening – appeal for speakers

From: Acaster,Sharon <>

With Year 13 university applications well underway, I’m now starting to think ahead to our careers evening in the spring.
We have a provisional date for our careers evening next year of Wednesday 15th March.

As it’s the first one we’ve done in this format (i.e. evening rather than lunchtime talks from employers) we will probably keep it fairly small and manageable to see how it goes; probably no more than 10-12 speakers. The format is likely to involve having the careers talks running simultaneously in various classrooms around the school, and we envisage getting the students/parents to sign up in advance to the talks they wish to attend so we get an idea of how many to expect for each talk. If some are more popular, or if people want to attend more than one talk, we could possible run some of them twice. I am imagining a 20-25 minute talk with time for questions etc. at the end.

Ideally we would be looking for speakers who are currently working in their industry and who would be able to provide information that is up-to-date and relevant to students interested in starting a career in the industry. I have already been in contact with a couple of recent former students, who are happy to be involved and I see no reason why we couldn’t have more than one speaker from the same industry, as that would give a more rounded view of the career, particularly if we have someone who is fairly new to the career and someone with more experience.

I’ve been talking with the Year 11s to get some ideas of the career areas that seem to be popular, so if we could cover some of these at the careers evening, that would be great.
They are as follows:

Accountancy/Finance/Business & Economics
Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Aeronautical)
Medical (Doctor/Physiotherapy)
Computing (Software Engineering/Games design/programming)
Police/Armed Forces Officer (RAF/Navy/Army)

If it is successful and we get a reasonable number of attendees we could potentially look at running it on an annual or biennial basis, with different careers/speakers each time.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Pictures from the 2016 Annual Supper

Some photos, courtesy of Peter Weaver:

Lindsay Evans, former chair of Governors, was made an Honorary Vice- President of the Society by the President, Richard Ratcliffe.

The President and Lindsay Evans The President and Lindsay Evans
DSCB4710alr Roger Crittenden, the President’s Guest speaker, who proposes the toast to the School
DSCB4714alr The Headmaster, Mark Tomkins, replies
DSCB4720alr The School Captain replies
DSCB4721alr The President makes the Alec Stewart award
DSCB4722blr The President makes the Clifford Award for History
DSCB4723blr The Clifford Award
DSCB4725alr Handover of the Presidency
DSCB4726alr The new President, Neil Turrell (President 2016-17)