2021 AGM

It would not be legal to hold an AGM in person at present. Here is a statement of how the Society plans to proceed. Please read if you are a member. The reports referred to in the statement have been concatenated wth it into a single pdf file which is available here for members. Note that the Society does not usually put such documents on its website, although they are of course circulated to members.

OMS 2021 AGM Statements & ReportsI

Mentoring scheme: mentors sought

Now that the school has restarted, the Society has offered to resume mentoring.
This is a particularly difficult time for the students, and the decision as to what career direction to take must be of concern to some. 
We have a number of members who have already offered mentoring, and we will be contacting them to confirm that they still wish to become involved.
Communication between mentors and mentees will probably have to be either by e-mail, phone or video call, as physical contact may not be possible at present, but nevertheless we feel that there will be many members who will be able to offer sound advice.
If you are able to offer mentoring, would you please download the form available here, in docx or pdf format
Old Maidstonian Society Mentoring Schemx.docx
Old Maidstonian Society Mentoring Scheme.pdf
edit it and return it to oms@oldmaidstonians.org.uk, or complete the online version available below

    Old Maidstonian Society Mentoring Scheme

    Please limit it to one word to summarise each area of expertise.

    Experience to support the field/s of expertise:
    Please give very brief details of work and career experience.

    Contact between mentor and mentee:

    It will be necessary for the mentor and mentee to be in contact and in completing this form and submitting it to the Old Maidstonian Society you are supplying the above details of your skills and career experience and agree that this information be passed on to current or recent past MGS students to assist them in their educational and career choices.
    Contact between the mentor and mentee will probably be either by e-mail, telephone or video call and in completing and submitting this form it is accepted that these contact details be passed to the school and a student.

    Mentoring scheme – more mentors needed

    Dear Old Maidstonian,

    As you may know we have started to run a student mentoring scheme for MGS students (mostly Sixth formers). The idea is to enable students to have one-to-one contact with Old Maidstonians in their sphere(s) of interest. Old Maidstonians cover an enormous range of professional interests and they are often able to give a little guidance on training, university selection, job opportunities, useful contacts and insights into specific careers. So far we have a team of about 30 mentors, covering some of the fields which interest current students. There are however a few fields not covered and others where the demand cannot be satisfied from our current team. Please consider carefully whether you could spare a little time communicating with a student by email, letter or in person. The demands are very light and always under your control. Whatever your job or profession, we would like to put you on our register of mentors. The scheme can only work if we can offer sufficient diversity of areas of interest and geography. (You do not have to live near Maidstone.)

    All fields are welcome, but the following is a list of a few for which we have particular needs at present:-
    Environmental conservation
    Film/TV production (several students)
    Marine biology

    Please complete one of the attached forms and e-mail or post it to me.
    (Webmaster: the forms can be found at the Mentoring page)

    Kind regards,
    Peter Weaver

    Peter S.Weaver
    Tel: 01435 864541
    E-mail: p.weaver@iee.org